MCA promoted a Boards’ Meeting and Christmas Party

At the end of 2019, MCA organized another management meeting extended to the entire universe of the group. The initiative took place at Douro Marina, in Vila Nova de Gaia, before the Group’s Christmas.
The event was attended by the heads of the various corporate centers, executive boards, general boards and administrations, both nationally and internationally, as well as the executive committee led by the president of the MCA Group, Manuel Couto Alves.
The quantitative and qualitative results of the different business units, for the year 2019, and the strategic guidelines, opportunities and challenges for 2020 were presented.
The president, Manuel Couto Alves, gave an overview of the business, highlighting the effort made, the diversification of the activity, and presenting an analysis of the global business situation on the priority areas of activity of the MCA Group. Also took the opportunity to thank the work done and encourage all the Group’s staff to do even better in 2020, with a focus on the major goals, in order to “go further”.
At the end of these presentations, the Christmas party was held, which brought together an important number of MCA employees, for moments of conviviality and joy, typical of this festive season.