MCA welcomes new employees to the group

MCA held another edition of the annual host event to welcome and integrate new employees.This year, with the theme “Soft Grounding (MCA)”, the participants performed various indoor and outdoor exercises to work the group spirit, belonging and knowledge about the Group, its history, values and mission.
The result could not have been better, with the initiative exceeding expectations, judging by the impact and positive comments, which underline the importance of the concept of “welcome” in today’s business context. Professionals also assume the relevance of this type of meeting for success, while actions that reinforce the connection between employees and the company stimulating a healthy and respectful environment:

“I hope there are other such initiatives, as these activities are also part of the companies’ success.”
João Correia de Oliveira

“I can only add that without a doubt this was the most ORIGINAL, complete and that really adds value.
My sincere congratulations to the coordinating team. You have effectively raised the bar and the concept of the word host in the “business context.”
Miguel Monteiro

“It was a nice afternoon where I was sure that choosing MCA, for my new professional project, was the best option.”
Ivan Vasconcelos

“The group spirit has grown very quickly, I have only been here for two months and it seems that I have been part of this team for much longer. Keep up with these host days because I think it’s really importante.”
Inês Guimarães

“The truth is that no matter how different the participants, their professional and even personal paths could be, the challenges that were launched allowed us to find connection points and above all created a healthy team spirit.”
Sandra Silva

“It was all excellent, from the organization, the program itself, to the questions posed in the game.”
Jorge Farragos

“Thanks for the passion dedicated to the event, you made us feel welcome.”
Simão Guimarães

“I just add (from what has already been written), the professionalism and laid back seriousness of the event.”
A. Alexandre Reis

This is one of many other initiatives promoted by MCA, which foster the well-being and integration of its human resources.

#TODOSJUNTOSSOMOSUMEVAMOSMAISALÉM (All Together we are one and we go even further)